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Welcome to Parazona Investigations

Parazona Investigations - Investigating the Paranormal of Arizona

We are located in, and servicing, The Grand Canyon state of Arizona. Currently, our staff is located entirely in Tucson, but we are mobile and willing to travel anywhere in the state to accommodate your needs.



The group is headed up by David Delgado and Brian Cowley, two individuals that have had prior TAPS Family Member involvement. In early 2011, Brian and David chose to once again enter into the world of paranormal investigation.




Our group is quickly becoming a veteran staff, intent on helping you find the answers you are looking for. Our approach to investigation is second to none because of our personal touch with the client. Should you be interested in an investigation of your home or business, please contact us by sending an email to In this email, please included good contact information for yourself and a brief description of what the occurrences are in your home.


Latest News for Parazona

Come and visit us on our new website.
Request investigations, Meet the team and more...



The Marketing Has Begun...

Our campaign is in full swing with more additions on the horizon. Stay tuned. In the mean time you can also find us on Twitter @Parazona and on Facebook, Parazona Investigations.


Our next venture is set to be May 6th when we take to the airwaves again. David Delgado, Mike Dentato and Brian Cowley will be hosting Class A Radio on blogtalkradio. Come have a listen and call in to speak with the hosts.

Investigation Cost


There is zero cost to you and never will be. Plain and simple, boiled down, this is scientific experimentation. Your local universities science departments are run on donations, grants, and boosters. Parazona is the same. Our donations come from people like you, our clients. Our equipment costs are covered 100% by our investigators as well as the cost of gas to our investigations. Our shear interest in the field is what keeps us going. If you are interested in donating please reach out to


Investigation Requests

Are you in need of a paranormal investigation? We would be grateful if we could be your team of choice. As stated in our "Investigation Cost" block, there is zero charge to you. We have two simple and easy ways to request an investigation. First, you can go to and use the contact us link. Second, you can send an email to Please provide a simple description of occurences and some contact information for yourself. We will be in touch that same day. 

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